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Kelli Reilly, LMP, CHP
Certified Hellerwork Practitioner

Beyond Massage...
Health Through Hellerwork
Structural Integration

Kelli Reilly, LMP, CHP is a Licensed Massage Practitioner and Certified Hellerwork Practitioner with 16 years experience practicing in Bellingham, in Washington State.

Kelli Reilly, LMP, CHP

Kelli became interested in Hellerwork treatment after suffering chronic pain from auto accident injuries. As it helped her heal, she went into training to learn the process of Hellerwork, incorporating her Massage Therapy skills with the Structural Integration of Hellerwork.

Developed by Joseph Heller in the 1970s, Hellerwork practitioners must be trained in anatomy, psychology and movement education. Treatments are done over eleven sessions and are used to treat pain and discomfort created by repetitive motions and lack of body posture and alignment. Results can increase energy, decrease pain, relieve stress and improve balance and athletic performance.

Licensed Massage Practitioners require 500 hours of training for certification, while Hellerwork Certification requires 1600 hours of intensive training and internship. Reilly studied at Spectrum Center School of Massage in Lake Stevens. She has also attended the International Hellerwork Structural Integration Conference and other skill updating workshops.

Her specialty has been injury treatment and working with chronic pain patients. After two years of intense education and internship, she received Certification in Hellerwork Structural Integration to provide the most effective combination of mind and body healing to her patients. Her office offers a soothing South Seas atmosphere and is conveniently located in downtown Bellingham.

Kelli is a member of:

  • The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) since 1990
  • American Hellerwork Association (AHA)
  • International Association of Structoral Integrators (IASI)

Kelli has:

  • AAS From Whatcom Community College
  • Massage Certification from Spectrum Center School of Massage
  • Hellerwork International Certification
Kelli Reilly, LMP, CHP

Kelli is a preferred provider with physician referral for many health insurers. She also provides for L&I, most auto insurance, many other private health insurers, and accepts private pay clients.

For more information, contact Kelli at (360) 647-9187.

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